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Privacy Statement

Welcome to SPST's website which is a property of and managed by SPST Inc. The purpose of this website is to make it easy to align job openings with people who are looking for jobs and at the same time, allow businesses to find people who are best suited for their roles. SPST is fully aware of the importance data privacy has for both businesses and individuals while they are browsing on our website and is therefore committed to protecting this right for them when they visit

However, the scope of this policy is limited to this website only. Therefore, you should also check the privacy policy of the website that you may find links to on our website, including the ones for employer websites.

The term “personal information” in this policy will define any type of data or information like name, symbols, numbers, markers, or any other source of identity that could be used for the purpose of identification.

No personal information collection happens on unless given to us voluntarily by the visitor. This can be in the form of emails or via online surveys that you may fill out for us or filling out any information form for transactions or other purposes.

What We Automatically Collect from You

A few pieces of information that are automatically collected by

  • IP Address. This is the IP address that you are using to access our website.
  • User-agent information in your HTTP header. This includes data regarding the type of device that you are using what operating system you are using it on.
  • Referrer information from the HTTP header is also collected which provides information on the link source that sent you to our website.
  • The exact time and date when access to our website was requested by your device.
  • Complete details of the request the user made.
  • What status code the user’s system received from the website server.
  • Size of the content, described in bytes.
  • Request method employed by the user’s system.
  • Universal Resource Identifier (URI) denoted to the data requested by the user.
  • Information present after the question mark in the URI.
  • The protocol used for transporting the data.

All this data is general and does not contain any personal information about the user.

The purpose of the automatically collected data is to help improve the experience that’s viewers have by understanding their interaction patterns and making their experience more personalized. We perform statistical analysis of the data to find general trends on what the viewers like or dislike when visiting

We do not use this information for any type of marketing campaigns, and we will not share or sell any information disclosed by you for marketing or for selling to third parties without your consent either.


Cookies are the information that your web browser gathers about your usage history for any website in a text file on your computer. This file is created by almost every website there is, and the purpose is to recognize you among all the users visiting the website. Our website uses what is known as “session cookies” which are designed to automatically gather data after short periods regarding your usage of the website. No personal information is collected in session cookies and it does not reveal your identity in any way. The purpose of this is to make your experience better by generating an identifying tag for your system which gets erased with the cookies file when the browser window is closing.

To submit anything to our platform including your curriculum vitae, a job opportunity, or a profile for the website, you need to register your account. However, even though the registration will allow you access to some additional features, it will not be a permanent access since we do not store “persistent cookies” on your HDD. That means you must remember your login credentials if you close the browser window and come back later to log in again, you will need those credentials.

Information Collected Against Your Emails and Transactions Performed on this Platform

In case you decide to email, the information present about you in the email will automatically be collected including your email address and the body of the email itself. We will collect everything including text, images, videos, audios, and any other information that may be present with the website. The purpose of collecting this information is to provide you with an appropriate response to your email, be it regarding the user experience of the website, solving any problems that you may have, or sharing your message with the relevant person for response.

We do not have the authority to use your information for any commercial purposes or to sell it to third parties without getting clear consent from you.

You may share your personal information by performing transactions on in the form of filling a registration or survey form or making a purchase via an order form. The personal information request from you in these cases is used for operating the different programs on our website and providing users with our services and information. The information will only be used for fulfilling those roles and other purposes which may be decided according to the nature of information and transaction terms. This may also include sharing your information with different workforce agencies operating in your residence state.

The process of submitting a resume or job order requires registration on the website.

Information regarding the following events is logged by the website:

Events are also logged when a resume or job opportunity is posted on the website or when an employer accesses the contact information of any job seeker. has no intention of collecting information about children and does not allow children to register on the website. However, care must be taken by users as the system will assume that the person submitting any information to the platform is an adult and would be treated as publicly available information unless federal or state law provides a direct exemption from access. We highly recommend parental and teacher supervision on all internet activities their children are involved in and guide them in scenarios when a platform asks them for their personal information.

Right to Share Personal Information has clearly stated that it does not knowingly collect user information without consent and no information provided by the user is disclosed to anyone without receiving express consent from the user. Voluntary disclosure covers consent provided by the user for using their information for reasonable nature of use, including sharing information with the workforce agencies present in the state the user is residing in.

The following scenarios may require to disclose the user’s personal information without consent.

  • If needs to comply with any applicable laws and regulations or to meet any statutory requirements that may apply
  • If a court of law makes a formal request
  • For ID verification of the user
  • If intends to acquire statistical data through a form that does not allow identification of any individual
  • If EEOC wants to screen the website for making sure that members of protected classes are not being screened out of job application processes
  • For the protection of our rights, our assets, and any entities affiliated with us
  • For protecting national security or preventing possible criminal activity
  • For the protection of the public or the safety of our website’s users may also disclose personal information to law enforcement authorities in case someone tries to or succeeds in accessing our IT resources.

We may share personal information with our affiliated companies across the globe to ensure that we can effectively provide our products and services to users. “Affiliated Companies” covers any entity that controls, is controlled by, or is under the common control of

Permanent Storage of Information

Any information collected by SPST’s website from its users can be rightfully held by the company for the purpose of improving user experience on our website.


We have a strong dedication towards ensuring the safety and security of any personal information that we may collect on our website and prevent access to that information. To that end, we have employed several IT tools and procedures to keep your information protected. However, this privacy policy does not warrant said technologies as fail-proof measures for security. Furthermore, the company may also make changes to the policy as deemed necessary at our sole discretion and without the consent of the users.

Contact Us

If you have any queries that you may like to share regarding this privacy policy, please feel free to contact us any time at our email address.

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